ECSS Cosmic Bowling Rules

I. Key Info.

1. Registration fees include: Team T-shirt, bowling, bowling shoes, weekly food and drink specials at the bar, and the most fun you have had bowling in a long time!

2. Games are Friday evenings at 6:30PM.

II. Cosmic Bowling Rules:

1. Teams must consist of a minimum of 6 players (at least 2 females), with a maximum of 10.

2. You can still play short but if you are short a female there is a 50 point deduction per game for each female you are short (minimum females is 2 so maximum deduction is 100pts per game.)

3. Different lanes will be assigned to each team every week.

4. Each team will play two games.

5. Each team will get a 5-minute warm up starting @6:25 PM. Games will begin right after the 5 minutes is up @6:30 PM.

6. Each week you will begin by signing up/writing in 6 names into the system regardless of how many teammates are on your team. So, you should have 6 rows of 10 frames.

7. We do a 9 pin no tap format. This basically means you only must knock over 9 pins to get a strike. However, if you knock over 8 pins you must knock over pin 9 and 10 to pick up the spare.

8. The team must have a set lineup, but you may change the lineup each week.

9. Based on your lineup each bowler will bowl one right after the other. Each bowler only gets one throw when it is their turn. You will do this until you make it through the 6 rows of 10 frames.

10. Before you begin your next game, you must have an ECSS official come by and take down your teams total score. We will come down as you're finishing up and record your score or if you are done you can come down to Lane 12 and let us know. If you fail to show your score before you begin the next game, then we will award you the minimum points of 600 for that game. Please type your team name on your screen when entering names into the system. This will help us as we come by and record scores to match with which team. If you need help doing this, please ask one of us or a FWB Bowling employee.

III. Where We Play:

1. Our games will be played at Fort Walton Beach Bowl.

2. Like them on Facebook: 

3. Address: 745 Beal Pkwy NE, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

IV. Where We Party:

1. One of the great things about FWB Bowl not only their awesome bowling alley, but also, they have a bar and food menu! In addition to that, they have a billiards room and tons of space to hang out! Player food and drink specials will be posted!

V. Themes/Specials:

1. Themes every week

2. We will be doing bonus points for teams that dress up for that weekâ??s theme. If your team of 6 or more present dress up your team will be awarded 225 bonus points to your total score the night.

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