ECSS Split League - Playoff Rules



1.      Playoff games will consist of 6 innings, 3 innings of TeeBall and 3 innings of Kickball.

2.      The highest ranked team (home team) of the playoff game will decide if

a.      They want to be home or away; or

b.      What sport the playoff game will start with

3.      During the playoffs, the winner shall be determined by whoever wins the next full inning (both teams get at-kicks).

In playoff and tournament situations, each team

shall play short one fielder for each inning beyond 6, in boy, girl order

decided by the opposing team. For example, a team in the 10th inning must take

two males and one female off the field. This is for offense and defense. The

hitting/kicking team will start each inning after the 6

th with a

runner of their choice on 2

nd base

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